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Consulting Tell me your budget and what you want to achieve, and I will tailor a package just for you so you can maximize your investment.
Your own Domain Through affiliations I will set up a domain for your web site and provide you with instructions on how to develop it on your own.
Web Hosting Through affiliations I will find and set up a host for your web site that meets your requirements and provide you with instructions on how to develop it on your own.
A knowledge of HTML and FTP would be a minimum requirement.
Static Web Site If all you need is a "presence" on-line, then I can create a site that shows whatever information you want the online world to know.
Dynamic Web site Here the options are endless.
  • Animated Graphics and banners.
  • Affiliate advertising.
  • Forms designed for customer inquires and sent via email.
  • RSS feeds.
  • If you have seen it on ANY other web site, I can add it to your's via reverse engineering.
  • If you want something no-oneelse has, I can engineer the software from scratch, using client-side and server-side scripting.


Product name
Status Description
Gicinto's Hair Care Active Range of excellent men's hair care products manufactured to our own formula
MAD-ISP Active Free, Premium and Broadband Internet Access
Internet Marketing Active All the tools needed to sell and market on the internet
Audit-Pro Testing/shelved Data capture of audit information using PDA for data collection and transmission to desktop for conversion.
Audit-Pro Vision
Under Development
Extension of Audit-Pro to allow image capture.
Audit-Pro Sound & Vision
Under Development
Extension of Audit-Pro� Vision to allow for speech capture and conversion to text.