Objective A position in the Information Technology Development Industry using demonstrated problem solving and development skills to:
Improve current systems in order to create greater efficiency of organizational practices.
Achieve organizational development objectives through the implementation of new systems and solutions.

Qualifications 15 years expertise in operations, hardware engineering, programming, analysis and management with extensive knowledge within a range of commercial and technical environments, including IBM midrange, Mainframe, PCs and PC networks.
Knowledge of Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Natural Language Understanding, Knowledge Based Systems Engineering, Uncertain Reasoning Mechanisms, and Languages for Artificial Intelligence. Experience and skills in the areas below:

Experience Internet Developer
Switch Technical Partners, Kansas City, MO
2003 - present
Systems Architect
miQUOTES LLC, Overland Park, KS
2001 - 2003
Director of Information Technology
Morgan International Group, Overland Park, KS
2000 - 2001
Contract Programmer Analyst
Computer Associates/Employers' Reinsurance Corp, Overland Park, KS
1999 - 2000
Project Coordinator
Computer Science International/Employers' Reinsurance Corp., Overland Park, KS
1998 - 1999
Contract IT Support
Press Association, London, UK

Education Post-Graduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence, University of Westminster, London, UK

  • Operated the first IBM System/32 in Bahrain.
  • Operated the first IBM System/34 in Bahrain.
  • Owned one of the first IBM 5250 emulation cards in UK.
  • Developed one of the first email systems with attachments in late 80's which won the Pharmaceutical Club of Great Britian's Gold disk award for The Innovative Use of Existing Technology.
  • Architect of one of the first online insurance quoting systems.
Achievements Developed a web based Insurance Application Tracking system to allow inquiry leads generated by web based quoting engine to be allocated initially to individual call centers and on to a Licensed Insurance agent. Agent completes an Underwriting sheet, which is then passed to the processing center, where a processor assembles all the required documentation to be forwarded to the Insurance company.
Result: Improved efficiency. Time saving. Streamlined sales process.

Developed dynamic Internet based Insurance quoting system to enable company to exploit a niche market in an innovative way. Identified and installed computer hardware and software development environments. Integrated professionally created graphic design into development environment. Conceived a generic structure for site navigation and quotation calculations and responses. Devised extensive customization facilities. Collected pertinent information for Insurance products available through the sites. Collaborated with Insurance companies to ensure legal compliance. Developed back office functionality to enable non-technical staff to maintain the system. Developed enhancements to streamline sales process.
Result: miQuotes.com launched in 14 states.

Developed dynamic Internet based sites for Mortgage Brokers, to drive Insurance sales. Created site structure incorporating color schemes and custom graphics. Implemented online sign up to assist sales.
Result: 16,000 potential subscribers added to target market.

Negotiated and purchased additional web server equipment to increase capacity and reliability for e-commerce insurance quotation system.
Result: 100% increase

Setup Data Conversion center. Created automated conversion process that filtered antiquated data which was ultimately migrated to client server system.
Result: 100% reduction in international personnel cost.

Organized 3-man project team to enhance existing accounts system for geological survey company. Clarified system requirements. Evaluated existing system. Designed improvements and delegated tasks to team.
Result: Company consolidated 7 company accounts departments into 1.

Addressed and resolved outstanding software issues between Bespoke Software House and clients. Assessed system problems. Formulated plan to complete projects. Completed projects.
Result: Customer relations restored. Company offered other clients to me after I formed my own company.

Investigated options for computer department supplies. Arranged shipments from USA to Middle East. Organized storage facilities with retained accounts documents.
Result: Cut stationary overhead.

Investigated method of delivery of final Trial Balance to Corporate office in USA. Existing system used floppy disk and DHL. Arranged for sister company to transmit data to their Corporate office in USA. Arranged for dispatch rider to collect tape from US office and deliver to our local office for transmission to our Corporate office.
Result: Established that existing method was faster.

Prepared month-end accounting documents, for US Oil Services company in the Middle East, in timely manner, to enable accounts department to close out months processing and produce trial balance for Corporate accounts.
Result: 100% delivered before deadline over 3 years period.